After working years in the Funeral Industry and having lived through the loss of many family members, we believe that you deserve better, more affordable, and accessible solutions at a time of loss.

Too many times we have seen the Executor's role led to great difficulty and cost thousands of dollars. We built a system of tools that uses technology to benefit everyone. After all, your time is better spent with family than filling out form after form and spending countless hours looking for information.

We are a collection of experienced professionals from many disciplines that came together to form Executor's Choice. Financial professionals, funeral providers, programmers, web designers, researchers. Consultants from the legal and accounting fields, government offices and so many more have all contributed to bring to you web-enabled software tools to help.

Our driving force is to provide technology solutions that everyone can use when we need the help the most. Delivering, the right care at the right time at the right price. Executor's Choice.

Kevin St. Aubin

Kevin St. Aubin
Founder | Executor's Choice

After a 28-year career in sports, retail sector and real estate investment industries I found myself in the Funeral profession. It was in this role that I discovered people living with a loss needed more than a helping hand – they needed real help in getting access to forms, processes, and information to assist the Executor/next-of-kin to wind things down for the deceased. I created Executor's Choice in 2011 with the hopes to give people an affordable and efficient tool to report a death correctly to the government and businesses alike with the push of a button. Time is better spent with family than filling out forms. Since our launch we have served 10's of thousands of people from coast to coast and we look forward to bringing solutions to people when they need help the most. I am blessed with a beautiful wife Michelle and six glorious boys who are full of energy and keep me on my toes whether on the water, slopes or biking through the day. Lucy is my border collie - she is my stress relief each morning – I think she actually walks me on a leash!

"Living with a loss is understandably hard – filing notifications and paperwork shouldn't be."

Photo of Rod Anderson

Rod Anderson
North American Distributor

Co-founder - Anderson Wilson Partners in Aftercare Inc.

Life is a great journey. After high school, I eventually ended up going into Christian Ministry and pastoring a small church. Changes necessitated moving and starting a new career in Financial Planning. On June 5,2000 I was fortunate to start at Fundy Funeral Home. I have primarily been looking after pre-planning for twenty years now. When we discovered FinalDocx® it was a game changer. Finally, a program that meets the aftercare needs of our families. We formed our company, Anderson Wilson Partners in Aftercare Inc. to promote FinalDocx® with our friends in the funeral service.

Photo of Jennifer Ward

Jennifer Ward
Consul and Liaison for US market

I have spent my career as an association professional entrenched in learning about a wide range of industries and working with the people that work within them to help companies succeed. My role has been to understand individual situations and deliver solutions and support that will help alleviate the everyday challenges people face in their work. The way I came to learn about Executor's choice was through a discussion with a friend. When my mother and her husband passed away in Florida, my sister was faced with the overwhelming task of performing the duties of the Executor for their estate from her home in Canada. Even though this was a fairly simple estate, the process was arduous and took years, occupying an inordinate amount of my sister's and my personal time as I was her operative in the US. Everything needed to be done manually and replicated over and over for every account they owned from retail credit cards to IRAs and every utility and account in between... When I spoke to my friend after the fact, I knew firsthand that a technology solution like Executor's Choice was sorely needed.

Photo of Camryn Ward

Camryn Ward
Intern | Executor's Choice

As a rising senior at the State University of New York / Geneseo in the business school, I was hoping to get an internship this summer that focused on fine tuning my communication and marketing skills. In addition, I knew I wanted to do something that involved working with people to help others in some capacity. One of my previous experiences included working for a nonprofit upstart speaking agency called The Love Group that supports young women in their careers and lives. In this role I conducted outreach to media outlets, interviewed successful women in the business world, and pitched The Love Group's services to potential customers. Another position I currently hold is managing the school of business Instagram account for SUNY Geneseo by providing content and creating graphics with important information for students. Through these opportunities I have further developed my communication skills and have become more confident in my ability to present ideas in a clear and concise manner. I am looking forward to applying these skills at Executor's Choice because I believe it is a company that strives to help people during a difficult time by providing an easy technology product that does the work for them.

Photo of Ian Lewis

Ian Lewis, CPC, CEA
North American Distributor

As a Financial Advisor for over 15 years, I help my clients prepare for the major financial events in life. In doing so, I noticed a real disconnect between traditional financial planning and the funeral industry.

With that in mind I began to specialize in "End of life" planning; working with funeral homes as a preneed counselor, as well as helping clients and their families with Estate Planning & Aftercare Services for executors, and I became a Certified Pre-planning Counselor (CPC) in 2009. It quickly became apparent that Aftercare – specifically guidance for executors - was another part of the market that has been greatly neglected. I would often tell my families, Once the funeral is over, that's when the real work begins. So, I started training to become a Certified Executor Advisor (CEA), and began to look for a better way. That way is Executor's Choice. I have many businesses & business owners as clients, and prior to becoming a financial advisor, I was a business owner myself. So, with that understanding and respect for entrepreneurship, it's only natural that I have a drive to help businesses grow and succeed. With Executor's Choice I am doing just that.

My goal is simple – increase value and your bottom line, not your workload.

In 2016 I married Joanne - my best friend and partner of 11 years. Together, we enjoy camping, entertaining, traveling, and most of all, our family & friendships. With special thanks to her two wonderful children, our family now has two beautiful, full of life grandchildren, and it's been my life's greatest honor watching and helping these families grow.

Photo of Stephen Robinson

Stephen Robinson
North American Distributor

Founder – Executor's Advantage

Photo of Scott Misick

Scott Misick, CFSP
North American Distributor

Co-Founder, R.I.P. Resources

I take Tradition seriously. Doing so has served me well over the 25 plus years of practice in funeral service; a profession predictably steeped in proud tradition. My career encompassed realities from the last breath of life to the last shovel of soil and everything in between.
In my opinion, tradition should always account for changing times, cultures, and technology. It is a spirit which always adapts, and never hinders progress.

In my experience, people need a toolbox of solutions when someone dies. And by "experience" I mean not just as a professional; I also experienced the death of my dad, and we utilized R.I.P. to eliminate added hardship and risk.
I cannot imagine these resources not being available to all. I expect more, and so should you.

Photo of Jack Stepanek

Jack Stepanek
North American Distributor

Director US Major Markets

I started in the Funeral and Cemetery business at age 12 digging graves. After college I began my journey in Sales and Marketing as a counselor in a family firm in Iowa. That experience brought me through 30 plus years of having the honor to service families both in the US and internationally.

My career allowed me to help others enter into our profession. As I was mentored I continued to mentor as Vice President of Sales for two of the largest preneed insurance companies in US and Canada. I had the honor of CEO for several large funeral home operations and consulted for too many great family owned businesses to mention.

I met Kevin while working in Canada and was so impressed with the program he had developed! We all worked diligently to bring FinalDocx® to the US. FinalDocx®is the future of relationship continuation for any business that is serious about bringing true value to customers that are in need of our help..

"Presentation without implementation is just entertainment."