— Our state of the art program will interview, uncover, identify, access, submit, summarize, and also alert you if there are legal matters that may need addressing such as probate. These tasks could be completed in as little as 55 minutes.

   — Executor’s Choice is a company dedicated to developing tools that anyone can use when completing the necessary tasks at a time of loss. Learn more about our tools: FinalDocx.

How It Works
   — Learn how our solutions FinalDocx best work for you during death notification and estate settling process in Ontario and Alberta Canada.

About Us
   — After working years in the Funeral Industry and having lived thorough the loss of many family members, we believe that you deserve better, more affordable and accessible solutions at a time of loss.

Why We Do It

   — We have partner programs with Funeral Homes and many professional services throughout Ontario and Alberta and growing quickly. Contact us for detailed information on how to serve your clients with FinalDocx.

   — Find out the latest information and advice when it comes to Estate planning and will - brought to you by Executor's Choice analysts.

   — If you are an Executor or find yourself in the role as in informant or next of kin or person responsible please use the information here to help define your role.

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